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How many sexual partners is too many sexual partners?

It may be 2024, but many of us a regardless of age or gender a still attach meaning to the number of people weave slept with. But is worrying about it or even keeping track of it just exacerbating underlying insecurity, asks Olivia Petter

Waitress fired after receiving $10,000 tip and splitting it with her coworkers

aI was willing to share a $10,000 tip, but was reciprocated with hate and rumours,a wrote Linsey Boyd

Upcoming trends, ideas and inspiration ahead of the Ideal Home Show

Decorating your home can also increase its value, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

Meghan makes dumplings with Afghan women in newly-released video

The Duchess of Sussex cooked traditional food with Afghan women who have resettled in the US, newly-released video shows.

How resilient are your vegetables in weird weather?

An expert offers advice on how to make your veg plants tougher.

Talking faster may help stave off dementia, study suggests

Slowing down of speech may be key indicator of crucial brain health changes, scientists say

TikTok about male and female hobbies sparks discourse on gender roles

aWhen women marry men, they lose time to unpaid labour, but when men marry women, they gain timea

Halle Berry and Halle Bailey snap photos together after being mistaken for each other

aLittle Mermaida star has often been mistaken for Oscar-winning actor due to similarities between their names

Travis Kelceas dad responds to Bethenny Frankelas criticism of Taylor Swift relationship

Frankel argued that there canat be two apeacocksa in a relationship, and Swift and Kelce are both apeacocksa

Influencer accuses Soho House of aageisma after membership increases when she turns 30

aRespectfully Soho House is no longer the flex it used to be...a

What is Cushingas syndrome? The hormone disorder Amy Schumer was diagnosed with

Cushingas syndrome can be caused from factors outside or inside the body

Mother applauded for her abeautifula response to daughteras messy toys

Mother offers shift in perspective after feeling aoverwhelmeda by her daughteras room full of toys

Teacher faces backlash for giving away childas parade favours

aAs a fellow teacher, I would never do something like thata

Jodie Turner-Smith reveals why she filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson

Couple announced divorce in October 2023

Reba McEntire responds to rumours sheas selling weight loss gummies

aThe Voicea star calls out aclickbaita posts suggesting sheas selling weight loss gummies

Ted Lasso cast twins in matching tracksuits at Peopleas SAG Awards after-party

Ted Lasso wrapped its third season in May 2023

King Charlesa ahot equerrya forced to move roles because of online frenzy over his appearance

The ahot equerrya will reportedly be taking on a much more private role from now on

Mother sparks debate after praise for aEuropeana way of parenting

aKid activities exist for a reasona

Five of the hardiest houseplants that even you will find difficult to kill

Do you know your calatheas from your crassulas? Hereas which houseplant you should try

Chelsea Handler celebrates her 49th birthday by going skiing in a bikini

Fans praise Handler as aiconica for skiing in a bikini while holding her two dogs

A$AP Rocky praised for taking video of fashion show for guest sitting behind him

aHeas always been for the peoplea

As demand for houseplants soars: What are the best and hardiest plants for your home?

An expert from the Royal Horticultural Society suggest some of the easiest houseplants houseplants

Elizabeth Day is right: Accepting you might not become a mother can feel aamazinga

Women are brought up to believe that life has one true goal and destination: motherhood. But realising that having children might not be on the cards is a liberating if heartbreaking rite of passage, writes Helen Coffey

Dolphins filmed swimming next to boat in River Thames

A pod of dolphins swimming in the River Thames surprised an RNLI lifeboat crew in a rare sighting on Sunday, 25 February.

Dua Lipa announced as new global make-up ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent

The singer says this is another form of aself-expressiona for her.

7 things you might have missed from Milan Fashion Week

Milanese style heavily featured throughout the fashion event.

Moaning about your job is a British tradition a letas not judge the young for it

More and more young people are allegedly feeling apathetic towards work or ghosting their employers entirely, leading to questions about the state of work culture today. But Adam White isnat sure itas exclusive to the young, or whether occasional indifference to your job is necessarily a bad thing

How to spot the difference between a picky eater and an eating disorder

The difference is being highlighted for this yearas Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Watch: Geneva International Motor Show unveils 2024as car of the year

Watch as the Geneva International Motor Show unveiled 2024's car of the year on Monday, 26 February.

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